Digi-Sign Launches an Online Advice Engine

April 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Jersey City, NJ – Digi-Sign, digital certificate specialists, recently launched a new online tool that allows users to find the ideal digital signature, electronic signature or certificate authority product for their needs. The simple online advice engine allows users to check a box with the feature they need, such as secure emails, secure messaging, electronic signature, strong authentication and more, and then generates product suggestions based on these unique needs.

Digi-Sign offers an exceptional range of digital certificate products, including Digi-Card™, Digi-Token™, Digi-Access™, Digi-ID™, Digi-Seal™, Digi-Mail™, Digi-SSL™ and others. Each one is designed to meet the specific digital security needs of an organization. Digi-Sign products offer unparalleled security to various aspects of computer mediated communication, so no matter which product the company requires, they will always enjoy the best possible protection.

Digi-Sign follows best practices when validating the rightful owner for any digital signature. This means that SSLs are fully vetted and validated before they are issued using the recognized system of one person validating, a second verifying and a third issuing. Other digital signature service alternatives issue their SSLs automatically, without human intervention. This method, although functionally acceptable, raises some significant security issues.

Once users select the digital certificate products they need for optimum digital security, users can access step-by-step "how to" videos. These videos are intended to help potential clients achieve a better understanding of how Digi-Sign's digital certificate can be used in an organization to achieve maximum information security. With these videos, users will also learn how to configure and use Digi-Seal™ Desktop to digitally sign PDFs using the newly created digital signature, and much more.

To find the best digital certificate product using the simple online advice engine, visit http://www.digi-sign.com/, or call 1-212-933-9913 in the U.S. or 353-1-685-3680 in Europe, for additional information.

About Digi-Sign
Digi-Sign is among the top ten providers of Digital Certificates in the world. This is evidenced by invitations, such as the Department of Defense [DoD] in the US (where only 10 companies were invited to tender for the most recent extension to the DoD PKI); we were awarded the National PKI project for RENIEC, in Peru; the National PKI project for Barbados; the British Library; the pre-qualification of Digi-Sign as the only non-Italian company to participate in the Italian national PKI tender; and many other projects around the world where Digi-Sign is regularly invited to participate.