Make Earth Day Everyday - Starting with your skin care products

April 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
A small Colorado company that has been making farm fresh organic skin care products since 1986-before it was fashionable-is striving to be the greenest company in America.

— How green? Certified organic grower green! A 7th generation American farmer, Lily grows her own herbs, which comprise most of the ingredients in her company's organic skin care line. This not only keeps farmlands green. It almost completely reduces Lily Farm Fresh Skin Cares' carbon footprint. That is something to celebrate not only on Earth Day, but everyday at Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care," says founder and CEO of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care never over-packages with custom-made fancy boxes that look good on the shelf, but which kill trees, pollute streams, and end up in land fills. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care ships a lot in recycled boxes from a local food bank. Amazingly, the entire company disposes of less than one half of a trash bag per week. "We are trying to get that down to less than one bag per month." Lily smiles.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Cares' products are not just organic; they put on every bottle they produce, "No synthetic chemicals-ever!" Lily's stance is, "A quality product cannot contain anything synthetic. To truly heal, stimulate and affect the skin in a positive way, the ingredients must be alive; they must have a life force," adds Lily.

Why go to all this trouble? "Because, organic herbs work to improve the skin's health and texture and synthetic chemicals do not." Lily states. Lily's motto is that Mother Nature is the best cure for Father Time. "A synergistic blend of Lily flower and Comfrey is the best anti-aging duo on the planet. Comfrey helps collagen reknit and reweave the skin; and coupled with Lily's anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative properties your skin will radiate," Lily explains.

The best part of using organic ingredients is that the consumer really benefits from green skin care. Why? There are no synthetic and petrochemicals to dry out and dull the skin's natural beauty. "We harness all the power and goodness from Mother Nature, capture it in a bottle to make your skin glow and preserve the Earth while doing it," Says Lily, with a grin.

Lily is also the author of Beauty, Health and Happiness- a Way of Life.

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