Terminal Emulation Software Provider Crystal Point Celebrates 26 Years in Business

April 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Crystal Point, a Scottsdale, Arizona based company offering a full range of host connectivity solutions, is happy to announce the company is celebrating its 26th year in business. Chris Smith, co-founder of Crystal Point, said "I can't believe it has been 26 years already! We are proud of what we have achieved." The company is honored to have enjoyed a high level of success, and attributes much of that success to their loyal customers. Smith and co-founder Fred Stephens say they highly respect their customers and their needs, and according to Stephens, "have remained the leader because we offer features that are rich and give as much control to the user as possible. But mostly our emulator is highly responsive and reliable."

While Crystal Point will soon be announcing AVXS Mobile, a mobile service allowing safe access from any browser-based device that is like no other in any market, a few of the company's existing products include:

  • Outside View 8.1, the most modern, feature-rich and user-friendly NonStop host connectivity available today.
  • OutsideView WEB; terminal emulation over the web, using Java applets, to access NonStop, IBM, or Unix (OSS) environments.
  • AppView XS, a safe, quick way to modernize legacy application, automatically converting green screens into modern GUI interfaces. AppViewXS integrates multiple data sources, modifies workflows and adds java technology to these transformed screens.

  • Soon to be released by Crystal Point, the AVXS Mobile provides a tremendous expansion of users' options for connecting to IBM or NonStop hosts. The company's AVXS Mobile service is a secure implementation utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud services, permits host connectivity anywhere, anytime, from any device on an encrypted and secure 'by invitation only' basis. The only user requirements for this service are an https-capable browser and Internet connection.

    About Crystal Point
    Fred and Chris Stephens began the company in 1986, with a DOS green-screen terminal emulator named PC-TERM. The company grew rapidly with the introduction of TTE, a Windows version of PC-TERM. By 1990, Chris and Fred's vision for Crystal Point was becoming a reality. Directly marketed under the name OutsideView, their Tandem terminal emulation quickly became the market leader for Tandem host connectivity software. The company continues to enjoy its position as a leader in the industry today, as it continues to bring new host connectivity solutions to customers. Those interested in learning more about Crystal Point's host connectivity solutions are invited to visit the company website at http://www.crystalpoint.com