Eyeflow Launches New Version of SEOzio for Improved Website Analysis

April 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
In an effort to give users more tools to improve their on- and off-site SEO, Eyeflow Internet Marketing has released SEOzio 2.0, a simple online tool that allows users to quickly review several of the most important SEO factors. Users can get their report in seconds without having to download anything or even submit personal information.

After the website URL is submitted, SEOzio gathers data from Google, various online SEO tools, and the submitted website itself. Pieces of the data are graded against current standards for SEO best practices. Items are scored individually and then incorporated into the website's overall score. Users will initially see this performance score, but they may also explore the individual areas (Links, Branding, Code, and Crawlability) to see the details that contributed to their overall grade.

SEOzio 2.0 is a revised and expanded edition of Eyeflow's original SEOzio tool. The Internet has seen drastic changes over the last couple years, and the revision both improves the accuracy of reporting as well as expands on the areas included in the report. The former version analyzed about 10 factors and categorized them into 2 groups: On-Page and Off-Page. SEOzio 2.0 analyzes about 30 factors and breaks them into the 4 areas previously mentioned. Users may also see information in greater detail in the newer version by viewing the different categories individually.

This is a tool that would be useful to view site performance for anyone, whether or not they are familiar with SEO. The information provided can allow users to easily pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the website. If users feel their site is underperforming, these reporting tools may be able to show them what areas still have room for improvement. By making minor adjustments to their site, they can even raise their score, translating into better SEO performance.

Those interested in testing out this website analysis tool for themselves should visit SEOzio any time to see their free online performance report.

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