Car Vision Adds Vehicles to Under 10K Category Regularly

April 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Often the factor that has the biggest influence on people when they are searching for a new car is budget. Car Vision understands how frustrating it can be trying to find a reliable vehicle within your budget, so they started an Under 10K section on their website where they list pre-owned vehicles that are in good working order and cost less than $10,000, and regularly look for new vehicles to add to the section.

One of Car Vision's main goals is to create a lasting relationship with customers. As the economy has taken a downturn in recent years and people's budgets have suffered, a primary demand has been for inexpensive, used vehicles. Car Vision started the Under 10K section of their website to help people find the perfect vehicle for their situation without having to sift through hundreds of vehicles that they can't afford or that won't last longer than a few months first.

For more information about Car Vision and the new vehicles in their Under 10K section of their website, visit their website at

Car Vision
When Car Vision was first opened, it consisted of 20 cars on a plain lot that were being managed by a husband and wife team. The business has grown astoundingly since then, becoming one of the first companies to put pictures of their cars online, expanding their inventory far beyond what was first imagined and opening a financing center that customers can opt to use. The dealership is still run like the small family operation it once was though, and each customer who drives a car off the lot drives off knowing that they've purchased a good car at a fair price.