System Care Antivirus Fails to Provide Removal of Viruses and Malware

April 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
System Care Antivirus is a rogue antivirus application and may be installed through a download obtained from a malicious site or through a Trojan. Either way, once System Care Antivirus is loaded it continually displays its annoying and baseless pop-up messages along with fabricated system scan results. All of these actions are done so you may trust System Care Antivirus to remove alleged malware from your computer, all after wasting money for a so-called registered copy of System Care Antivirus.

Computer users have run into serious issues with the installation of System Care Antivirus. Most users are unable to remove or uninstall the System Care Antivirus application. The creators of System Care Antivirus, mostly money-hungry hackers, have created System Care Antivirus to purposely be difficult to remove. This is done so System Care Antivirus can victimize as many computer users as possible through extortion of money.

System Care Antivirus is similar to other known fake security applications like iON Internet Security and Live Security Platinum. These applications are known for rendering several misleading pop-up alerts trying to relay a message of the program detecting threats on your computer.

Because System Care Antivirus has an aggressive way of seeking your money and causing your computer to behave abnormally, it is highly suggested by security researchers to use a trusted removal report to rid your system of System Care Antivirus without hesitation. Delaying removal of System Care Antivirus could cause system damage. Moreover, attempting manually removal with success is possible but may end up in disaster due to System Care Antivirus potentially having associated files tied in with critical system files.

As a way around the road blocks put in place when attempting to uninstall System Care Antivirus, PC users may utilize a removal report posted on The newly posted removal report specific to assisting PC users with removing System Care Antivirus, has the necessary resources to automatically remove System Care Antivirus, in addition to any other related malware on your PC.