Azizi Personal Injury Helped Settle Injured Redondo Beach Cheerleader's Injury Case

April 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Attorney David Azizi, the well sought after Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, helped settle a case out of Redondo Beach, California involving the tragic injury of a young cheerleader (Case# YC058864). In this lawsuit, Mr. Azizi proved the young cheerleader's injuries were based on the "reckless conduct" of the Redondo Beach Youth Football & Cheer Association. The family received an undisclosed amount against the Southern California organization.

This tragic case involved a young cheerleader attending an afterschool event. She was learning how to perform a difficult move when she fell backwards, hitting her head against the astro turf. Her injuries eventually lead to substantial brain damage, retardation, and paralysis leaving her wheelchair-bound.

The injury occurred during an attempt to perform a popular cheerleading move called the "half extension". The "half extension" is normally performed with spotters to the right, left, and in back of the "flyer", with the back spotter hoisting the flyer up by her waist. However, in this case the back spotter hoisted the "flyer" by the ankles, rather than the waist, and was inevitably in the wrong position to prevent the fall.

Personal injury attorney David Azizi determined that the coach was ill fit for duty. She was without proper training or knowledge of cheerleading safety standards. As such, proper protocol was neglected, which set the stage for the young girl's disastrous fall and subsequent life-altering injuries.

This case brings to light the relatively unknown dangers of cheerleading. It is not uncommon for afterschool programs to make use of volunteer parents rather than trained professionals, putting young people at risk for serious injuries to the lower back, wrists, and shoulders, among others.

As a leading Los Angeles personal injury attorney, David Azizi has been involved in litigating hundreds of serious-catastrophic injury cases, which resulted in favorable settlements and verdicts. He is well sought-after by people seeking a best-in-class Los Angeles car accident lawyer, wrongful death attorney, and more. David Azizi is proud to have successfully served the family of the injured young Redondo Beach cheerleader, and they look forward to continue helping people obtain justice throughout the San Fernando Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, Indio, Palmdale, Santa Barbara, and beyond.

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