Rug Restoration – Spring Cleaning Tips

April 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Spring has arrived, and with it the Persian tradition of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a kin to religious practice in Iran till this day. Kitchen cabinets are emptied, furniture is taken outside, everything is dusted or hosed down, and gorgeous Persian rugs are left in the sun to dry. So if you are preparing for your spring cleaning mission this year, be sure to review our six spring rug cleaning tips first. Oh yeah, and have a happy Norooz.

1. Vacuum regularly. Regardless of the type of rug you have, keeping the dirt from being ground in is crucial to extending the life of the rug. As you might have noticed, even couple of days after cleaning thoroughly, you see some dust sitting on the furniture or the edge of bookcase. The same dust sits on the rug and gradually travels through the foundation. So vacuum at least once a week, more often if you have high foot traffic.
2. For better results and a complete cleanings, flip the rug over and vacuum the back of the rug. This will loosen up the dirt that's in the foundation of the rug. Once done, flip it over and vacuum the top.
3. Do not vacuum over fringes and binding. Doing so will ruin the fringe and the side cords, causing them to become fuzzy and tear. Using an extension such as a soft brush on your vacuum is the best tool
4. Pick up spills right away. For water-based stains like coffee, you can use the article by Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic on how to clean a rug.
5. Get your rugs professionally cleaned at least every two years. Find a cleaner who knows rugs and treat them based on their type. Not everyone who cleans carpets has been properly trained in rugs. Undusting and drying are the key steps in cleaning rugs and could reduce the risk of color run or any damages to the foundation. Do your research to see who pampers your rugs the way they deserve.
6. Rotate the rugs often. Higher traffic or exposure to sunlight on one side of the rug can deteriorate the color and durability of one side. It is a good idea to rotate your rugs every six months to balance the wear.
Following these tips will keep your rug looking great for more springs to come. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the experts from Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic.

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