Crossnail Laminates Now Offering Multipurpose G10/FR4 Fiberglass

April 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
FR4 Fiberglass is made from a composition of fiberglass woven cloth which is bound by epoxy resin. G-10 is commonly made into sheet form but can also be produced into tubes, rods, and gaskets by Crossnail Laminates. G10 Fiberglass is also self-extinguishing and performs well in temperatures up to 285°F (140°C), further diversifying it's potential. FR4 material also has a very low water absorption rate (nearly zero), making it ideal for water quarantine jobs such as corrosion isolation in concrete structures. G10 is also a popular material used in making tri-copters and quad-copters as it is lightweight and works well insulating exposed electric wiring.

G10 Sheeting is known for both its excellent weight to strength ratio and lifespan, making it essential for construction applications. FR4 is the most utilized glass laminate in use today; common applications include terminal boards, insulators, relays, transformers, busbars, standoffs, switches, arc shields, and screw terminal strips. Unlike its competition, Crossnail Laminates is able to machine G10/FR4 into parts such as gaskets, tubes, rods, and smaller sizes to accommodate customer needs. For further information, contact the sales team at 1(800) 587-5581 or visit the company website at

Crossnail Laminates and Plastics, LLC is a manufacturing and distributing company specializing in G10 materials. Crossnail Laminates provides their laminate material to a wide range of customers including mass production companies, construction contractors and individual customers. Crossnail Laminates is located in south central Pennsylvania with distribution centers reaching throughout the continental US. For a more detailed outline, visit