NYC Mold Insurance Claims from Hurricane Sandy Rejected For Lack Of Paperwork

April 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As with every catastrophe comes calamity, especially for folks residing in NYC and surrounding areas that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Thousands upon thousands of residents have been displaced due to either initial damage from the flood waters, but more so, the poisonous after effects of the actual flood waters- toxic mold.

As the majority of people affected by this super storm have been trying to get their lives back together, they have been experiencing difficulties from a myriad of sources. Insurance companies have been inundated with thousands upon thousands of claims directly derived from the super storm devastation, of which, thousands upon thousands of people filing these claims have been stone walled for numerous reasons. One of the biggest problems people are experiencing when filing these insurance claims is lack of paperwork and hard evidence proving that they are in need of the insurance companies assistance. In some cases, insurance companies are denying insurance claims as they classified Hurricane Sandy as a "Superstorm", of which these companies are using this new status as a reason to NOT cover insurance claims derived directly from Hurricane Sandy.

Tenants and renters that reside in New York City are also experiencing hardship when it comes to receiving professional assistance to clean up and repair their apartments, condos, houses, and other property types. As these residents typically do not own the property they are renting or leasing, they are in most cases not liable for the repairs to their dwellings, buildings, or properties. Landlords and property managers are required to provide safe and healthy living environments for their tenants as required by law. As many people are still under financial distress, cleaning up and repairing their properties has become in some peoples cases, almost impossible. Renters, tenants, landlords, property owners, and property management companies have options to receive assistance to rid their homes of contaminated materials and toxic mold alike.

All of these options for assistance require proper paperwork, documentation, and evidence in order to receive any type of relief. Most people have been trying to take this task on all by themselves and with little luck as they do not have the proper documentation. This is where one particular NYC mold inspection company has been receiving media attention for their widely accepted, proprietary , mold inspection reporting software service. Five Boro Mold Specialist INC. provides their clients with comprehensive reports that can be used in conjunction with insurance claims, FEMA claims, court cases, and financial institutions when seeking assistance to repair their properties.

As with every catastrophe comes calamity, but with all of this mass hysteria there are still many individuals, companies, non profits, and charitable organizations that all contribute to helping their fellow community members and in many ways. Five Boro Mold Specialist INC. recently started to contribute to their community by providing low income families the means to be able to eradicate toxic mold from their dwellings for little or no cost. This particular philanthropic program was created by the director of Five Boro Mold Specialist, Moty Katz, and further reinforced by the companies employees and staff by donating their time, money , and efforts to their community.

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