Shark Fin Shears is Relocating to Canterville and bringing 10 to 15 New Jobs Along with It

April 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Owner of Shark Fin hair scissors, Randy Ferman, was originally drawn to Appanoose County because of the hunting opportunities in the area. Now, he is moving his entire business to the county in the industrial park, bringing with it between ten and fifteen new jobs for Appanoose residents. Shark Fin hair cutting scissors are made with a unique patented technology that fits the stylist or barber in a way that is truly ergonomical. They are the only grooming shears of their kind available today and they have provided numerous stylists with relief from painful hand conditions that would otherwise have interfered with their profession.

The move to Centerville is expected to be one that is good for the community. New jobs with good pay will be a welcome addition to the residents. Many Centerville residents are also happy with the sentiments that Ferman has expressed of feeling at home in the community and wanting to be a part of it. Once the relocation has taken place and the facility for manufacturing the Shark Fin scissors for hair is in place, Ferman is also looking to open a second business called Extreme Hunting Solutions which goes hand-in-hand with the Appanoose County Development Corporation's goal of promoting hunting and nature related activities in the county. While the two different businesses for making hair cutting scissors and for encouraging hunting and nature are worlds apart in their mission, they are both expected to make a significant contribution to the community in their own ways.

Shark Fin is a major manufacturer of professional beauty and grooming shears with a line that affords options for professional stylists and groomers during any stage of their career. The biggest difference in Shark Fin barber shears is the innovative handle and Shear Fit finger fitting system which gives groomers an ergonomical fit that is the most technologically advanced shears in the world. Professionals who use these unique shears have been able to continue doing the work they love long after their hands had started to give them problems. The results they have been providing for the last ten years indicates that they will continue to grow in popularity for groomers who are looking for hair cutting shears that they can use comfortably.

Company Information: Since 2001, Shark Fin hair scissors have been putting the control back into the hands of professional groomers. The company's only goal is to offer their clients the most technologically advanced shears in the world so that your job as a professional hair stylist is the most comfortable and healthiest possible. The unique, patented technology used has been put to the test for more than ten years. More and more professionals continue to turn to Shark Fin for the shears that will give them more flexibility and let them control their cutting angles without the pain that comes from using traditional shears day after day. For more detail please visit,