The Law Office of Ronald D. Weiss. P.C. Now Hiring Part-Time Litigation Legal Assistants and Filing Clerks

April 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LONG ISLAND, NY - Contrary to what many people, including economists, may believe about the housing market, the worst may not be behind the country when it comes to foreclosures and loan modifications. Ronald D. Weiss, a Long Island lawyer specializing in bankruptcy, foreclosures and loan modifications, is announcing an employment search to handle the influx of foreclosures and modifications being handled by the firm.

To deal with the high number of foreclosure-related cases, Weiss and his firm have announced the search for part-time litigation legal assistance and filing clerks to handle the heavy workload.

"We're seeing such a high number of cases of our clients who are entering the foreclosure or modification process that we're taking steps to hire new employees to take on the case load," said a representative for the law firm. "What was being seen throughout the country in past years is just starting to take hold in New York and it could be a lengthy process for many homeowners."

Many people throughout the country believed the worst was over with regard to the housing industry and the disastrous results seen after the crash in 2008, but it seems that some states, such as New York in particular, are still struggling to recover. Initially, Long Island and other areas in New York and New Jersey appeared to be spared during the Great Recession, but it seems that now these areas are being hit particularly hard with a high number of foreclosures and modifications.

According to a report by CoreLogic, aside from Florida, New York and New Jersey are reporting the highest amount of homes undergoing the foreclosure process, as compared to the rest of the country. In February, it was reported that New York's foreclosure rate was at 5 percent, which was third only behind Florida and New Jersey.
In New York, residents are required to use a judicial foreclosure process, which is something Ronald Weiss' law firm specializes in conducting for clients. The foreclosure process, unlike in other states, requires that individuals filing for a foreclosure go through a state court.

Ronald Weiss represents clients entering into foreclosure from the start of the process, and works to help them defend the foreclosure in order to avoid a default and assert rights that would have otherwise been lost or waived.

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