Prepares to Release Taxi E-Hailing App for the New York City Area

April 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
April 24, 2013 - Made by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, a new smartphone app for electronically hailing and paying for taxis will make life easier for the millions of pedestrians in the Five Boroughs. The app is the product of, an online blog and community geared towards yellow cab drivers. The idea behind e-hailing apps is not entirely new, but's app will be the first one designed specifically with the Big Apple in mind. The NYC taxi app will also offer a lower price point than the competition and will be free to drivers.'s app developers have several factors working in their favor. First, New York City is their home base, whereas competitor apps are less familiar with the city's nuances. Similarly, the online community at represents an eager, ready-made audience once the e-hailing app is released.

Since its inception in 2007, the web-site has amassed a loyal following of drivers. As such, the site has forged meaningful connections with many of the city's fleet operators, garage owners, independent operators and taxi meter shops. Accordingly, the e-hailing app addresses the day-to-day concerns and challenges of professional drivers, making the process of finding fares easier and more efficient for cabbies, while offering unprecedented access to the riding public at times of high demand, and in more remote outer borough areas outside of the main midtown grid and cruising zone.

"We've set out to develop a no-nonsense e-hailing app that's not only the most cost-effective, but which is the only one specifically tailored to the needs of New Yorkers. Other e-hailing apps might 'hail' from urban locales such as San Francisco and even London, England; however the scale and dimension of the challenges New York City presents are utterly unique," notes Mark Jakubczak, one of the co-creators of this forthcoming app. "With our built-in network of drivers and fleet operators, we anticipate rapid circulation and acceptance of what should prove an indispensable tool; both for drivers who will download the app because it's free, and for the riding public who will download the app because it's both useful and efficient."

Developers of the app are staging a unique and creative scavenger hunt to celebrate the impending launch. A vintage, '70s-era checker marathon yellow cab will soon be prowling the streets of the Big Apple; pedestrians who are quick on the draw with their smartphone or digital camera can snap a picture of the vintage cab, tag the picture online and be entered in a drawing for $10 in taxi credit. The credit can be used on the upcoming smartphone app. has helped transcend the yawning gulf between the promise of E-hailing apps, and the hard realities of their implementation. App developers have had to wrestle with the needs and demands of various stakeholders, ranging from city regulators and credit card processors to the taxi cab companies themselves. Thanks to its favorable market positioning, has cleared many of the hurdles which proved too daunting for other out-of-market designers.

Simply put, no other e-hailing app will have the backing and acceptance of the driver community that's will be able to deliver from day one.


Created by yellow cab drivers to provide a virtual community for the city's thousands of drivers, went live in 2007. The site has become immensely popular with yellow cab drivers throughout New York City. The soon-to-be-launched e-hailing app is the site's first foray into app development.