Push Button Power Leads System Targets Internet Network Marketing Professionals

April 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Push Button Power Leads System designed by Dennis Bayne has just launched bringing automation to internet network marketing professionals across the U.S. The focus of this push button lead acquisition system is to generate conversations that produce elite teams of marketers.

Professionals in the Network Marketing industry have their eyes fixed on an automated lead generation system that targets other professionals in the industry. Voice broadcasts are delivered to other marketers within the context of an internet network marketing approach to list building.

Up until now, voice broadcasting involved less than user friendly software that would have those uncomfortable with technology struggling with their systems. Those developing internet network marketing campaigns would be advantaged by their skill sets over those marketers challenged by technology. It appears now the field has been leveled with the Push Button Power Lead system for prospecting.

List building with lead sources that were formerly unavailable for most newcomers to internet network marketing have now become accessible. Affiliates now are able to receive 100 professional marketer leads per month that have been called and are culled through a sales funnel system that determines whether they are themselves seeking leads for their business. Each affiliate can scale their business to receive as many as 900 leads per month should they choose to accelerate their internet network marketing effort. Affiliates are paid a full 100% commision on the $200 start-up cost, for referring a new affiliate and a $20 per month residual that is taken from the $97 per month service fee.

Leads are the lifeblood of the internet network marketing world. Automation of this nature allows for ease within the prospecting effort. The value of this system lies within the relationships that are forged between marketers meeting each other for the first time inside neutral territory. Neutral territory is represented by the common goal of building relationships within an existing pool of like minded professionals.

In Dennis Bayne's efforts to bring automation to the internet network marketing world he has now added another dimension for how to get leads to the average MLM business owner. This automation could have a major impact on targeted team building. Targeted team building within the network marketing profession translates into the creation of elite teams of marketers that choose to coop their efforts rather than compete for the same market share.

Bayne suggests that "creating the right type of marketing campaign is crucial to the success of any business. I think you'll agree that nobody likes to be 'sold.' But, everybody likes to buy. With that in mind, many folks in our Push Button Power Lead System family have converted to a unique method: Don't concentrate on sales. Instead, build relationships and provide content of real value."

Bayne talks about "perception of value" and the importance of giving away real substance to the customer. He emphasizes the notion that the 99% of valuable content that is freely provided allows the 1% remaining to be sold at a premium and for much more than if sold right up front.

His philosophical approach to marketing the Push Button Power Lead System is supported by a robust group of video trainings that teach the marketer selling technique and discipline for their internet network marketing business. Bayne emphasizes that the system is built for the marketer who chooses to build teams consisting of joint venture partners (other marketers) within a professional circuit.

"There are millions of internet network marketers reaching out to other professionals in their industry on daily basis," Bayne said, adding that the results of his voice broadcasting delivery system promotes cooperation. "It is the reason marketers are so interested in this type of sales funnel."