Plymouth Rock Energy Announce Energy Benchmarking in New York Due Annually Every May 1

April 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
When New York City passed a series of laws known as the "Greener, Greater Buildings Plan" as a way to target energy and water efficiency of the largest existing buildings, nearly a million buildings fell under the guidelines for determining which ones needed to reduce their energy consumption. The goal of the plan is to help reduce energy and water waste rather than lowering the business electric rates. Now, energy benchmarking is due each year on May 1 to provide pertinent information to decision makers pursuing cost-effective ways of reducing the use of water and energy in buildings of a certain square footage. As building owners are scrambling to meet the benchmark deadline and provide their yearly energy consumption, Plymouth Rock Energy helps current customers by providing free energy benchmarking services working with various New York energy providers. Owners of buildings that are required to benchmark can find out how their building stack up and in turn devise an energy plan to save money there energy usage, while helping to reach New York City's sustainability goals.

Benchmarking is a proactive method of addressing energy waste in the many existing structures in the city. It also helps building owners and managers understand their current building's energy use and monitor performance over time. With the large number of buildings in New York City, making a side-by-side comparison allows problem solvers to look at similar building types and identify which ones could operate more efficiently and at lower business energy rates than they currently do. For current customers of Plymouth Rock Energy, benchmarking is free of charge. Plymouth Rock Energy will collect and provide all energy usage information from your New York energy providers.

For many building owners who have taken the option of purchasing their energy through an independent New York ESCO, Plymouth Rock Energy has helped to save money on energy. Plymouth Rock Energy works with home and residential, small business and commercial and industrial customers to get the best solutions for energy-efficiency and affordable energy rates.

About Plymouth Rock Energy
Plymouth Rock Energy is an independent energy provider in New York City with more than 60 years of experience. Through competitive pricing and personalized service for the home or business, PRE has become a leader in the industry. PRE continues to expand its reach into new markets throughout the United States and have built a solid reputation for exceptional prices, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. Offering free benchmarking services to their customers is just one way that PRE continues to add value services to meet your growing needs to increase energy efficiency and reduce residential electric rates, business electric rates or solutions for your specific energy needs. For additional information please visit,