Epom Increased Its Display and Mobile Markets

April 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Epom, the international provider of ad serving and ad management solutions, has reported some telling numbers pointing to how large the company's online display and mobile advertising markets are. The reported data illustartes the growth over a period from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013.

In Q2 2012 Epom's overall size of online advertising market was 9.6 bln impression. By Q1 2013, it already reached 13.8 bln impressions, so the annual increase constituted 35 %. The company exceeded its own expectations previously set by Epom's CEO Anton Ruin, which is attributed mainly to the launch and early success of a cross-platform feature, and the array of other brand-new solutions, in 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

"The numbers we've enjoyed support the current advertising trends and evidence the effectiveness of our approach towards reaching end consumers. Despite being new on the market, our solutions have already proved to be highly profitable for our customers. Take Epom DirectAds for an example. This brand-new service for locating the right ad placements and uploading creatives for each has instantly increased advertisers' revenues soon after its launch," claimed Mr. Ruin.

As to the ad types dominating on both Epom's display and mobile advertising markets, banner ads form up the majority of 78%. The share of rich media advertisements is 14%, and it shows the trend for future growth. Abovementioned Direct Ads and digital video ads constitute 4% of the markets each. The global passion for mobile has brought Epom Market a significant increase in mobile traffic (11% of company's overall traffic) already in the first four months after the mobile division was opened. Undoubtful is the major contribution of UniMobile technology, which makes it possible to run mobile ad campaigns on display websites, and accounts for 36.5% of Epom Mobile Market's adevrtising. Anton Ruin commented on the growth of Epom's mobile market. "It was well-expected. Smartphones are in demand, mobile internet gets more accessible, applications are in trend, and each of these facts uncovers bright opportunities. We see so many of them ahead," - he said.

About Epom:

Founded in 2010, Epom is an international company developing ad serving and managing solutions for publishers, advertisers, multi-site content and advertising networks.

Epom lets its clients run display, video and mobile ads all in one place, so they get more profit while saving valuable time and resources. Epom is a massively scalable platform able to serve any needed volume of impressions.

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