Gay Boxer Outs Himself During Televised Main Event Match

November 29, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Chad Dragyn is the main character in the novel Virgin Gloves by Alex Hutchinson, the first ever story to predict that one day homosexuality would be used as a publicity gimmick in a sport hat has trouble garnering mainstream attention.

But could it happen?

Homosexuality in boxing is a courageous topic for any writer. Of all the sports in the modern pantheon Boxing has by far the most ego and bravado invested in its athletes. Toughness must be proven by the fist and half the time only one man walks away. How does this link to homosexuality? Well, boxing is also a very intimate sport. One man spends months at a time training and thinking about another man. Often those who have the most intense fights tend to become the best of friends. Also Boxing is a great cover for some gay men who feel the need to prove themselves in what is still a discriminating atmosphere. Who's going to mess with a gay boxer? After all, you have to respect a man who can fight.

As for the story itself Alex may have predicted the future. With American diversity in sports reaching ever higher levels, a chinese man is the most famous basketball player in the world and there is a woman in Indy racing so it is just a matter of time before there is a gay world heavyweight boxing champion. Who knows maybe a young fighter who is gay will read the novel and see it as a personal goal. Stranger things have happened.

Alex Hutchinson is an award winning Poet and Novelist. He is the author of Backyard Empire, Virgin Gloves and Before they were HAWKS. His website is

Virgin Gloves ISBN# 0-595-30746-9