FrontPoint Security Review Published by Home Security Journal

April 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Home Security Journal, a leading online reviewer, picks FrontPoint Security as the best choice for home alarm systems in the US. They have taken the time to review the many companies offering home security packages and conclude that the folks at FrontPoint understand the importance of customer service, always willing to go the distance when it comes to consumer satisfaction.

Customers are a priority

This company caters to both the do-it-yourself crowd and those who want professional installation. Either way, FrontPoint Security backs up their products with great customer service. Let's have a look at how they do it:

  • Customers can try their products out for up to 30 days and have the option of cancelling at any time for any reason no questions asked.
  • A full refund is guaranteed.
  • Shipping doesn't cost a penny and in the rare event a system is returned the cost of shipping is always covered by the company.

  • When FrontPoint Security says a system is DIY they mean it. The sensors are all peel and stick and no special equipment is necessary for system installation.

    Customers can search the internet but you will never find a negative customer review or comment about the folks or products from FrontPoint Security. They always make customer satisfaction a priority.

    Straight forward pricing and no gimmicks!

    When customers contact FrontPoint Security the representative that greets them will always focus on their individual security needs, with each home alarm security package specifically tailored to what an individual homeowner actually wants. This company takes pride in the fact that they offer good bang for buck. There are absolutely no hidden fees and are totally upfront with all associated costs. No misleading terms and conditions and no fine print. FrontPoint Security is a trustworthy company and the unprecedented, no restrictions, 30 day money back guarantee backs this up.

    Features worth noting

    To begin with, FrontPoint makes use of a 100% cellular link that is built right into the alarm system. This link connects the alarm system to the FrontPoint monitoring station. Other companies have relied on internet connections and sometimes even phone-lines to make this type of connection. It is now generally understood that this old fashioned way of doing things can leave the home alarm system completely vulnerable. In fact, most of these other companies are now offering upgrade packages to correct this problem and quite surprisingly, these upgrades come with an extra fee attached! So, what are some of the many other noteworthy features that FrontPoint offers?

    Easy setup: Customers don't have to deal with holes in their walls and messy wiring tangles because FrontPoint systems are all wireless and set-up takes only 30 minutes on average.

    Free apps: Free apps enable the customer to carry out a number of tasks from their smartphone, whether it be a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android. Customers are alerted by text of any security breech and are also able to keep an eye on what's going on at home through live video. It's possible to arm and disarm the whole alarm system remotely from any part of the world through the use of the internet. This handy feature gives customers the opportunity of allowing others to enter their home at their discretion when they're away.

    Environment monitoring: This service is provided free of charge. FrontPoint systems will detect the following environmental dangers inside the house: smoke, fire, flooding and excessive carbon monoxide.

    Customers can obtain an instant quote from FrontPoint Security online or they can call them direct at (866) 363-2035.

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