New Research Suggests 10 Social Media Personality Types

April 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Beijing, China April 30, 2013 - Digital Jungle, a social influence marketing Agency, announced today that it has released findings from an online behavioral study examining people's online social media behavior.

In the increasingly user-generated Web, users' personality traits may be crucial factors leading them to engage in this participatory media. The academic literature suggests personality is relevant to many types of interactions; it has been shown to be useful in predicting job satisfaction, professional and romantic relationship success, and even preference for different interfaces.

Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder and CEO of Digital Jungle said, "We have seen many company's invest in social media as a way to extend their Brand's online presence. Yet in many cases after significant money, effort and time they have not reached their own expectations with numbers of fan/followers and the levels of engagement. At Digital Jungle, we wanted to take aspects of someone's online perceptions and behaviors then explore the implications this has for social media design and broader social media marketing domains. Interestingly, our study revealed 10 distinct social media 'personality' groups that had a set of common characteristics and online behaviours.

The 10 social media personality typologies as defined by Digital Jungle include; Athlete, Visionary, Ranter, Inspirer, Lurker, Doer, Geek, Lazies, Nurturer and Luddite. Further, the findings show a consistency of the 10 classifications across gender, age and cultural lines.

For a presentation on the social media personality types you can visit Slideshare:

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