Merger and Acquisition Specialist Launches New Site for Start-up Capital Raising

April 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Capital advisors with launch the latest in a string of websites showcasing the company's desire to help source, finance and consult businesses with experienced management looking to expand., a website geared toward existing businesses seeking second-stage business financing. Many start-up financing companies exist, but Deal Capital's strategy aims at differentiating itself in a number of key ways including:

  • Investing in middle-stage growth companies
  • Financing companies on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Focusing on company growth
  • Bringing in investors with expert knowledge in specific market niches

  • "We're seeking profitable companies that have reached a plateau in business development that need expert consulting and corporate financing in order to expand," says Troy Jenkins of Deal Capital. "In general, we seek companies that reside between start-up and steady business cash flow. They're the type of businesses that need capital and consulting as a catalyst for growth."

    Expert Consulting

    As part of the financing for start-ups and middle-stage businesses, the company provides financial, marketing and operational assistance as part of its funding expertise. With experts across a field of disciplines, Deal Capital has the expertise to take most businesses to the next level.

    With Deal Capital early and mid-stage clients, the company uses a very unique strategy. With most venture capital financing deals, large funds pool and invest in a large number of deals. Unlike other firms, Deal Capital finances deals on a case-by-case basis. Each individual deal is required to be self-sufficient enough to stand on its own.

    Investment Markets

    Deal Capital intends on maintaining a highly disciplined focus on business finance, medical services, distribution, niche manufacturing, technology & software and information services. They explicitly avoid higher-risk start-up opportunities as well as companies with large amounts of corporate debt.

    Because each deal must stand alone, risk must be mitigated by avoiding high-risk and high-debt. In particular high-debt can cause the balance sheet to pigeonhole the company from further growth opportunities into the future.

    About Deal Capital

    Deal Capital is an M&A consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest. They provide business merger & acquisition consulting services for middle market companies looking to acquire or sell businesses with less than $100 million in annual revenues. They specialize in both raising capital for growth as well as sale and divestiture activity. For more information click here.


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