BCLS Certification Online Now Provided Through United Medical Education

May 02, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
BCLS or Basic Cardiac Life Support is now available entirely online through United Medical Education. www.ACLS-PALS-BLS.com has created a series of online training modules that leads students through the basics of life saving interventions needed to maintain life until more advanced medical methods and interventions can be performed. This includes both CPR instruction and training in the Heimlich maneuver.

The BCLS certification course has been designed to both satisfy the needs of the experienced healthcare provider and to also be organized in a manner that is easily understood by the lay individual. Currently the need for BCLS certification continues to rise on a regular basis in the work place. ACLS-PALS-BLS.com has recognized this need of individuals in several industries and created a program that provides convenience to everyone in search of the course. Now BCLS certification can be completed entirely over the Internet in under an hour.

The courses by United Medical Education are both nationally and internationally accepted. The courses provided at United Medical Education continue to gain popularity as industry leaders have successfully taken the course and had it satisfy their institution or employers requisites. BCLS courses that are offered in a live setting are often situated in inconvenient locations for the healthcare provider. The class does not require a live skills check which eliminates scheduling constraints for course completion.

ACLS-PALS-BLS.com also provides other courses besides the BCLS certification. These include Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS certification online and Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS certification online. Both of these courses use the basic principles and algorithms found in the BCLS certification course and then expand upon them. These more advanced techniques can help to save a high number or acutely ill patients if the correct equipment is available. United Medical Education is now providing these courses with the necessary study guides required for successful course completion. After successful exam completion the student will still retain access to the easy to understand study guides. The student's have the option to continuely review the study guides as a source for keeping their skill and knowledge sharp in a time of medical emergency. The Internet has finally made taking BCLS certification convenient and hopefully will motivate the masses to learn life saving techniques that could help a close friend or loved one.