Dentists Against Bullying Campaign Launched from Top Dentist NY

May 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Top Dentist NY is a progressive Dental Education and Resource center devoted to providing dental consumers with the most current and relevant information along with the resources needed to achieve a healthy smile. Top Dentist NY and its extensive network of local dentists have recently posted a very forward thinking and courageous blog post showing their support for those in need. The post is a call for all dentists to stand up against bullying.

Bullying has been and continues to be a major issue within our school systems and work places. Top Dentist NY strives to set an example through out the fields of dentistry, medicine along with all working environments. They do this through awareness explains educational director John Baker, "For too long has Bullying been ignored. More and more horrific stories are popping up in the media everyday and its time we stand up and show our support. Dentists Against Bullying is a symbol for trying to make a difference wherever you can. Dentistry may seem unrelated to bullying at first, but that can't be further from the truth."

Within the article Baker talks about how bullying can cause a series of dental conditions to the victims which as we can all imagine are the last thing they need. The post goes on to explain that jaw clenching and teeth grinding are common habits of bully victims. They resort to these habits out of frustration, stress and poor nerves. These bad habits can lead to dental disorders such as tooth decay, jaw misalignment and dental cavities. Even victims without these habits are at risk being that emotional turmoil and stress has been know to cause health complications including dental conditions.

Top Dentist NY's post goes on to explain that Bullying at its worst is physical. Countless victims are pushed, punched and kicked, sometimes in the mouth or jaw. These tragic but very real situations can be detrimental to the victim's psychological outlook and of course physical health. Victims are at risk of loosing teeth, jaw misalignments and gum infections.

The Dentist Against Bullying campaign also shares a few tips on good ways to stop or prevent bullying. A few great resources for more information were also added to the post. This refreshing act of bravery and support is a true example of showing support in anyway you possibly can. Top Dentist NY clearly is a example of a patient education center that truly cares for its community.