Quality Mortgage Leads in High Demand

May 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Mortgage lenders across the nation are in search of homeowners needing to refinance their home. Mortgage rates are extremely low, but the number of homeowners needing to refinance may also be getting low.

The Mortgage Market

The housing market is still in flux. Mortgage rates are more than likely staying steady through next year. Homeowners with good credit, stable income and no late payments have probably already refinanced their mortgage. Homeowners who are struggling may not qualify and tend to seek a loan modification from their lender. So who is left?

Lenders looking to generate mortgage leads or loan modification leads online are running into one common issue. Not enough quality mortgage leads.

Leadorder.com has implemented a new search driven marketing strategy to help combat this issue. By focusing on targeted long tail search terms Leadorder is able to generate hundreds of targeted leads daily. Homeowners are still searching for refinance loans online according to Chris at Leadorder. Chris says "We can not generate thousands leads each day. It is just not possible. We focus on funneling in traffic from search terms that tend to generate better leads for our clients".

Chris went on to explain what he means by "better leads". According to Chris better leads simply means "quality mortgage leads that our clients want to buy and tend to close at a higher rate".

Leadorder.com mostly uses popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They prefer the Google Search Network due to the advanced tools and resources provided by the search giant.

About Leadorder.com

Leadorder.com provides lead generation, mailing list, search engine marketing, consulting and live lead solutions. They currently process thousands of leads daily through the Leadorder.com network. Leadorder.com has been in the lead generation industry for over 12 years.

To learn more about Leadorder.com's new search marketing services contact them directly. They currently offer a free evaluation, which can be requested online.