Grand River Academy Celebrates Another Year of 100% College Placement of Boys Previously at Risk for not Graduating From High School

May 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Boys' education is becoming a hot-button issue for modern education institutions in America as educators see disturbing trends. Across all demographics of ethnicity, socio-economic status, and age group, boys consistently underperform in school relative to girls. Overall, boys account for 90% of disciplinary referrals, 70% of failing grades, and they make up 44% of higher education attendees (male to female ratio in the US is 51:49). However, while the debate rages on for how to address the issue of educating and engaging young men more effectively, Grand River Academy seems to have the formula pretty well figured out.

Grand River Academy has been educating high school boys since 1831, emphasizing not only academics, but social development and an active lifestyle. For many struggling teenagers, Grand River has been a saving grace. It is common to hear that boys who enroll at GRA fared poorly in the public school system. Maybe they stopped caring about classes or had trouble paying attention. Maybe they were often in trouble with school administrators and staff. Maybe a student was on the brink of failing multiple classes. However, after starting at GRA, they become attentive, eager learners. Parents often tell stories of how frustrated they were that their brilliant sons just wouldn't put effort into their education, and even graduating high school seemed to be out of reach, let alone being accepted into college. However, after they started GRA classes, the problems disappeared. For this reason, some have referred to GRA as a "solution school" for boys' education.

GRA has a history dedicated to boys' education, and their educators are keenly aware of the current debate about the subject in American institutions. A problem that seems so confounding to American educators has already been solved by GRA methods for years. GRA has a uniquely structured classroom environment with small class sizes and a student-oriented focus. Instead of teacher lectures determining the pace and content of the class, students are engaged by a highly interactive environment that stimulates critical thinking and interest in the material. Daily schedules also teach students how to structure their time so that they can incorporate study time, socializing, and sports every day for holistic development. GRA staff members take personal interest in developing purpose within each boy. With these and other student-focused features of the school, GRA has been able to inspire boys to commit to their own educations, discover purpose and aspire to gain college education. Their overwhelming success has earned the school its longstanding 100% college acceptance rate among boys previously at risk for even graduating high school.

Grand River Academy is a private, all boy high school. Located in a small rural community near Cleveland, Ohio, GRA seeks to prepare boys for the challenges of college by helping them develop purpose through intellectual, moral, and physical guidance. As an independent prep school, GRA educators are able to provide personal attention to students to give them the knowledge and emotional support they need to succeed academically. For more information about the benefits of a Grand River Academy journey for boys, visit: