Cycle Solutions Unveils Heat Reduction Packages

May 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hartford City, IN - Cycle Solutions, one of the leading mobile motorcycle performance enhancement experts, have come up with a solution to address one of the primary concerns their clients have the bike running extremely hot. The Harley exhaust heat reduction packages offered by Cycle Solutions address this major challenge.

For maximum heat reduction combined with power Cycle Solutions offers Rush ceramic coated head pipes along with Rush, Rinehart or Vance and Hines slip-on mufflers. This after-market Harley exhaust systems allow the spent hot gases to exit the motorcycle faster and more efficiently, thus reducing the heat buildup and heat radiation experience from stock Harley exhaust systems. The Rush head pipes are ceramic coated inside and out and drop the radiant heat from the pipes 300 to 400 degrees. These packages come in black or chrome to compliment the look of any bike.

In addition to the after-market Harley exhaust systems, Cycle Solutions also sells and installs The Zippers Thundermax fuel management system that also decreases the operating temperature in addition to other benefits. This tuner automatically uses the road and the motorcycle which act as a dyno to constantly calibrate the correct air-to-fuel, timing and ignition needs of the motorcycle. Other upgrades riders will notice include quicker throttle response and increased power. The third part of the heat reduction upgrade offered by Cycle Solutions is an aftermarket free breathing air cleaner that delivers the air flow needed to bring abike to its peak potential.

Lastly, Cycle Solutions has determined how to reduce heat caused by the restrictions in the filtration material used in most stock motorcycle oil filters. A K&P Engineering ribbed billet aluminum oil filter will increase oil flow and reduce the oil operating temperature by 20 degrees or more. The increased flow rate circulates the oil through factory or aftermarket oil cooling devise many times faster, making it cooler and work more efficiently. All of these components of the heat reduction package offered by Cycle Solutions will give riders the performance and comfort they are looking for.

To customize a heat reduction package with a Harley exhaust after-market system, call 765-768-6000, or visit

About Cycle Solutions:
Cycle Solutions is a mobile dyno facility and oil change station which works directly with K&N performance products, dyno jet tuning devices as well as K&N wrench-off oil filters and Lucas Oil synthetic oils at about 25 different locations throughout the USA from Daytona Bike Week in Florida, to Sturgis South Dakota to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They perform approximately 20 bike tunings per day at each event. Install air filters, intake systems, exhaust and fuel management controllers and tune the bike for horsepower and performance.