Tummy Calm Introduced at Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Conference

May 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LONG BEACH, California May 7, 2013 TJL Enterprises, maker of popular infant remedy Colic Calm®, recently showcased its latest product, Tummy Calm®, at the 34th annual National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Conference. The conference, held in Orlando Florida in mid-April, brought together pediatric nurse practitioners to attend sessions focusing on improving the health of children.

As an exhibitor at the event, TJL Enterprises was able to introduce its safe, effective product to pediatric nurse practitioners. Those practitioners can then recommend the product to parents whose children are suffering from painful symptoms.

"Thousands of medical professionals across the country, including pediatricians, family doctors, chiropractors, pediatric nurses and lactation consultants, are recommending Colic Calm® to their patients and indeed use it for their own children," TJL Enterprises' Jacqueline Lawrence says. "We hope they will embrace Tummy Calm®, and see the many benefits it can provide to babies and older children too."

Tummy Calm® homeopathic gas drops are made from all-natural ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or side effects. Because they are quick acting, parents can administer Tummy Calm® only when a child needs it, making it the perfect product for the concerned parents whom pediatric professionals encounter every day.

The product was the perfect complement to some of the issues discussed at the conference. Among sessions featured at the pediatric nurse practitioners conference were food allergies, a concern for many of today's parents. Tummy Calm® provides remedy to the digestive upset suffered by many children, often as a result of the body's natural reaction to ingredients in the foods they eat every day.

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Conference is part of a nurse practitioner's continuing education. Each year, these professionals gather to discuss issues facing the industry and to share methods to best help young patients. This year's sessions included family fitness and the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act.

Tummy Calm® is the first and only natural anti-gas product for children available in the US. As parents become more informed about the side effects and allergens in medications, many are deliberately seeking a remedy that is free of chemicals, dyes, and ingredients such as sugar, gluten, dairy, and yeast. Tummy Calm® has a palatable taste that makes it easier for parents to administer to younger children. Many parents have graduated to Tummy Calm® after seeing the effectiveness of TJL Enterprises' Colic Calm on their infants.

Tummy Calm® is available at many national drugstores. Recommended by pediatricians and family doctors around the country, Tummy Calm® is a great addition to any medicine cabinet. By having the product on hand, parents will be able to provide quick relief to any child suffering from gas pains. Tummy Calm® is also recommended for use in relieving bloating, teething, and hiccups.

Parents don't have to wait for a pediatric nurse to recommend Tummy Calm®. To see the effects of Tummy Calm® firsthand, visit http://tummycalm.com.