Colic Calm Offers Survival Tips for New Parents

May 07, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LONG BEACH, California May 7, 2013 Colic Calm, maker of a holistic colic remedy, recently released its recommendations for new parents. The first few months after a baby is born can be tough for both the newborn and his or her parents, Colic Calm has found, but there are ways parents can ease the experience for the entire family.

Colic is a common cause of sleepless nights. As Colic Calm explains, the cramping and stomach pains caused by colic can cause pain for babies, leaving parents frustrated as they try to find a way to ease the infant's suffering. Colic Calm has come up with these tips to help parents safely ease the symptoms of infant colic.

  • Burping. As a baby feeds, it's easy for air to get into his or her stomach. While there are several different positions in which to burp a baby, many prefer resting the baby on a shoulder, with a cloth positioned between the mom's shoulder and baby. Burping a baby after feeding is crucial to easing colic symptoms.
  • Stomach massage. Gently massaging the stomach in a circular pattern can help stimulate a baby's colon, as well as releasing gas and expediting stool progress. Colic Calm advises using clockwise motions and pressing down slightly to avoid tickling your baby.
  • Leg exercises. In addition to abdominal massage, parents may also choose to do recommended leg exercises. To help relieve colic symptoms, parents can grab baby's feet while the baby is on his or her back and move legs in a circular motion.
  • Soothe baby. Studies have shown that certain measures to relax a colicky baby can help. Those measures include using white noise machines or relaxing music, swaddling the infant, and pacifiers have all been shown to be helpful to babies suffering from colic.
  • Use safe medicine. Colic Calm is all natural and works immediately, allowing parents to administer it only when symptoms appear. The company recommends all new parents have a bottle of Colic Calm in their medicine cabinets, since colic is a very common problem in newborns.

  • "We hear from new parents across the world that Colic Calm is a product they couldn't live without," said Jacqueline Lawrence, President of TJL Enterprises Inc. "We are thrilled we could play such a helpful role in so many families' lives."

    Colic Calm Gripe Water is FDA-regulated to ensure its safety. Because it treats the underlying causes of colic, Colic Calm is an effective treatment. Plus, it's free of alcohol, sugar, gluten, wheat, and chemicals, which prevents the side effects seen with other medications.

    Currently available throughout the country, most parents can easily find Colic Calm Gripe Water on the shelves of their local drugstores. For those who have difficulty tracking it down, the company sells it through for just over $25 including shipping. Because the medicine can be used only when necessary, one bottle can last until a baby outgrows his or her symptoms.