Making a Royal Debut - Etiquette for Birth Announcements

May 08, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
After waiting 9 months you are eager to share the news of the birth of your child. Tradition says that new parents have up to 6 months after your baby arrives to send out birth announcements. PhotoAffections makes that tradition a silly piece of history with the ease and ability to produce unique beautiful birth announcements with a cutting edge web based template customization software. Whether it's your first child or fifth one, it doesn't matter a beautiful birth announcement is still expected from family and loved-ones. With producing professional looking birth announcements with such ease, now the hardest part of the process is only compiling the mailing list.

If you have extra time before the big day arrives, put together a mailing list of friends and family so it's one less thing to distract you once the baby arrives. Here are some things to consider when gathering your list.

The first question that may come to your mind: Who to include on your mailing list? Birth announcements are an exciting way to share the news of the birth of your child so send them to anyone that may want to share in your excitement and joy (and who knew that you were expecting). This may include anyone from co-workers, neighbors, friends, classmates, workout buddies, extended family, and other close acquaintances. Don't be afraid to offend anyone by sending them a birth announcement, they will be glad that you took the extra time to think of them during one of your life highlights.

The basic rule of thumb is "When in doubt, send it." Etiquette does not say have to hand write a note on each individual card, the recipients understand that you are sleep deprived and won't hold it against you. Besides, you should save your writing hand for all of those thank you's for the baby gifts. Also while we are on the topic of etiquette, it's usually not proper etiquette to include where you are registered for baby at on the birth announcement, save that for the baby shower.