PhotoAffections Helps Consumers Choose Between Digital & Paper Birth Announcements

May 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Creating a virtual birth announcement versus paper birth announcement; which is the way to go? PhotoAffections' website has so many easy-to-use and powerful tools for creating real physical custom birth announcements the decision can be a little challenging.

Some may think that just because the post office now charges $0.46 per stamp to send a card it's not worth it to send out traditional (and maybe old school) birth announcements through snail mail. Why not just send everyone a link with pictures through email and be done with it? It would be far less hassle and less time spent in your new parent trance.

Why not just post the news on Facebook and the whole social media sphere can go wild? While it is a stretch to send an e-card for a holiday; the birth of a baby really deserves a place in the history books (and the baby book) with a specially designed and unique birth announcement to proclaim this joyous and special occasion on paper.

One could send out a pregnancy announcement with an ultrasound picture through a digital channel, but it's still a good idea to be traditional and send out a low-tech birth announcement through the postal system. This however does not mean that creating the cards has to be a low-tech process. has clearly conquered that obstacle for anyone making the decision to send out birth announcements. Sending out physical announcements then only requires a little extra effort to stuff envelopes, seal, stamp and send.

Begin the relationship of the baby with people close to you by sending a traditional birth announcement. Even if you think everyone already knows about your little one's big debut everyone will appreciate the birth announcement. The world we live in may be going digital, but some things are more personal in a hard copy format, and they won't end up in the spam folder of an email box. Go old school and send out a paper birth announcement!