Unleash the power of inspiration with the new 'Inspire Me Quotes' app, available now on the Apple App Store.

May 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA May 10, 2013 Formally launching on Mother's Day, Inspire Me Quotes presents iPhone iOS users with an opportunity to enjoy a selection of inspirational quotes from some of the world\'s greatest minds. Each inspirational quote has been specifically designed to combine design, typography and inspirational words of wisdom to motivate, encourage and enliven users.

"There are days when we all need a little inspiration," says Brian Tanedo, Co-Founder of Happy Planet Apps and spokesperson for Inspire Me Quotes. "Whether it's an uninspiring job, a goal gone wrong or just a plain bad day, everybody needs somewhere they can go for a quick boost of happiness and inspiration. Inspire Me Quotes was developed so that users could experience that sensation with just a flick of a quotes page."

Inspire Me Quotes offers users the chance to browse through a variety of inspirational quotes to reveal wisdom from great minds such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Abraham Lincoln and many, many more.

"Research has shown that cultivating positive thinking promotes health, happiness and wellbeing," Tanedo continues."Inspire Me Quotes encourages users to foster vital positive thinking habits and to feel more motivated to go out and achieve their dreams."

What's different about this app is that users can choose from a selection of inspirational bundle packs, each containing 50 inspirational quotes. The current selection includes Life, Goals, Dreams and a New Year's 2013 bundle. Bundles that will be released shortly include love, friendship and health.

Inspire Me Quotes also provides users with a chance to favorite quotes within the app and share quotes via Facebook, text messaging and email. There is also a camera roll function that allows users to save inspirational quotes as their phone backgrounds.

"The overarching goal for Inspire Me Quotes is that users enjoy the app wherever they are, whenever they need to, in order to bring some light, happiness and inspiration into their day." Tanedo says.

Inspire Me Quotes is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and for a limited time comes with 50 inspirational quote pages complimentary. Subsequent inspiration bundles are available at a price of 99c per bundle (each bundle contains 50 inspirational quotes pages).

Please feel free to visit www.inspiremetheapp.com for more information.
Inspire Me Quotes is also available on twitter @InspireMeQuotes and on Facebook at facebook.com/InspireMeQuotesApp

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About Happy Planet Apps:
Inspire Me Quotes was created by Happy Planet Apps, a boutique Australian company. Founded in 2012, Happy Planet Apps develop apps to inspire, motivate and promote happiness. Inspire Me Quotes is their first release.

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