Getting Great Branded Domains Just Got Uber Easy

May 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Getting great branded domains just got uber easy for any business. Most companies really struggle to find a great domain name as most of the obvious choices are taken or cost a fortune. Uber Domain Names has a solution to that problem when most businesses need a digital presence.

They have turned the way you choose a domain name on its head and flipped the way people select a domain name. They have launched a marketplace that helps bridge the creative naming gap and sets the foundation for selecting a great brand name for your business. All names in the marketplace have a logo designed for them as well as a creative description that tells users where and how the name will work for any business.

"We wanted a marketplace that helped people in the domain selection process instead of having to hunt for hours only to become frustrated when they could not get the name they wanted. We flip that process on its head and offer great brandable names that will work with virtually any type of business."

The process of selecting a domain name actually becomes a pleasurable visual experience similar to Pinterest with its rich visually driven design. You instantly get a visual connection that bridges the gap when you are trying to select a domain name with a short description of the name and it's potential uses for your business.

They are launching with a plethora of creative, memorable and short domain names such as AppMob, Wowze, Irtsy, Ebinn, Deskli, Cheww, TechVIP, Mobdd, Foodvy, Otopc, Ogifty, Ehopp Skatedeck, and Clouqip to name just a few. You can see the full marketplace of brandable domain names at

The marketplace will be growing and high quality domain name owners can submit their domains for consideration of acceptance into the exclusive high quality branded domain name marketplace.