Black Pearl Jewelry - Myths & Legends About Pearls

November 30, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tahitian black pearls are extremely rare and considered to be a symbol of hope for wounded hearts. Says Yoshi of, “Black pearls are desired by women due to the mysterious aura surrounding them. There are many myths and legends that attribute the black pearls with various powers from being a healer to cupid and even a gift of God. In ancient times, the Tahitian black pearl was a jewel worn only by royalty and hence came to be known as the Pearl of Queens and the Queen of Pearls. Even today, there continues to be a high demand for Tahitian black pearl jewelry amongst women who visit the website –”

Polynesian Legends About The Black Pearl

There are many Polynesian legends surrounding the black pearl and they have been passed down from one generation to the next. Oro, the God of peace and fertility in Polynesia is believed to have visited Earth on a rainbow to offer a special type of oyster to man. The oyster was called Te Ufi. Oro then offered the beautiful black pearl from this oyster as a symbol of his love to the princess Bora Bora.

Another myth says that Okana - the spirit of coral and Uaro – the spirit of sand covered Te Ufi with a cape that shone with the hues of every fish that swam the Polynesian seas and hence the beautiful blue black pearls.

Another dreamy story about the Tahitian black pearl speaks of how the moon bathes the ocean with its light to attract the oysters. When they come to the ocean surface, the moon bestows heavenly dew upon each one of them. In time, the drop of heavenly dew is polished and shrouds itself in garments with blue, green, gold and pink shine and hence the color of Tahitian pearls.

Thus, Tahitian pearls have a history of romance and mystery, which makes them highly appealing. This also accounts for the increasing popularity of Tahitian pearl jewelry on websites like

Other Legends Surrounding Pearls

) The Ancient Chinese considered the natural black pearls as symbols of wisdom and thought them to be created in the brains of dragons. They believed that one had to slay the dragon to harvest the pearl held safely between its teeth.

) The Greeks and Romans believed that pearls were formed when raindrops or dewdrops accidentally fell into an oyster.

) Hindus associated pearls with wild boars, elephants, snakes, fish and only very rarely with oysters.

) Persians believed that pearls were born when a rainbow met the Earth. Also, any irregularities in the pearls were thought to be a consequence of thunder.

) Japanese believed that pearls are the tears of mythical characters such as mermaids, nymphs and angels. Also, pearls most often featured in stories of pain and suffering.
An ancient legend from Ceylon speaks of Adam and Eve who shed tears and created a lake of pearls. The white pearls were believed to be from Eve’s tears and the black from Adam’s. It was further believed that because man is better able to control his emotions and shed’s lesser tears that explain the rarity of black pearls as compared to white pearls.

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