Polizia Di Stato Virus Masquerades as Italian Law Enforcement to Lure Computer Users

May 14, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Polizia Di Stato Virus is a common threat that has been technically classified as ransomware by many computer security experts such as EnigmaSoftware.com. Among ransomware threats, many are specifically designed to extort money from computer users by way of displaying a deceptive message.

The Polizia Di Stato Virus ransomware message is one that is aggressively worded to make it seem as if the local police department has detected illegal activity on a computer. The actions claimed by the Polizia Di Stato Virus ransomware message range from alleging the distribution of pornography and illegal software to sending spam messages and visiting certain sites. All of these actions are not justifiable as they are all fabricated by the hackers who have created Polizia Di Stato Virus.

The Polizia Di Stato Virus message is very effective at tricking computer users who are not well versed in ransomware messages. There is a fine that is supposedly assessed by the Polizia Di Stato Virus where it asks users to pay up a large fine through a legitimate Ukash, PaySafeCard or MoneyPak processing system on the Internet. Such a processing system will actually debit a PC user's credit card and take their money without fulfilling the promise of unlocking a computer with the Polizia Di Stato Virus message being displayed. Polizia Di Stato Virus can be compared to similar threats, such as Ukash Virus, FBI Moneypak, 'You Have Been Blocked from Our Website' Virus and other harmful ransomware.

In the end, Polizia Di Stato Virus will have taken PC user's money and still continually display a Polizia Di Stato Virus ransomware message as an annoying pop-up alert.

Ridding a PC of the Polizia Di Stato Virus ransomware threat can be a seriously difficult task if performing manually. To remove Polizia Di Stato Virus, PC users have taken to trusted security sites and their resources. These resources, many of which have been updated to detect and remove malware threats such as Polizia Di Stato Virus, are now available on several known security sites like EnimgaSoftware.com.

EnigmaSoftware.com has released their own specific Polizia Di Stato Virus removal report to provide PC users faced with the annoying Polizia Di Stato Virus ransomware threat a means of removing it automatically. Automatic removal of Polizia Di Stato Virus is possible through these resources, which may be obtained through the removal report at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/poliziadistatovirus-removal/