Q1 Results For The Mobile Division Of Epom Market

May 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
May 17, 2013 - Epom, the global provider of ad serving and managing solutions, revealed some of the results already shown by the Mobile Division of Epom's Advertising Network after its first launch on March, 23rd.

"Since the very first day our Mobile Ad Network Division started operating, we all had been waiting anxiously for the first results to come. And now, I'm happy to declare these results as more than satisfactory." - asserted Anton Ruin, Epom's CEO, then added, "After the reports on Epom's Ad Server and Market performance in 2013 were released, our next goal became showing the achievements in mobile field as well. In the days when mobile is on the upswing, we are proud to be no exception."

Much due to the opening of Mobile Division, the volumes of mobile share of Epom Market's overall traffic amounted 4.6 bln impressions in 1st quarter 2013, which is 40% more than in 1st quarter last year.
The positive changes are also attributed to the release of UniMobile, a technology enabling users to run mobile advertising campaigns on display websites, and therefore profit from mobile audience without having any specific inventory. The service accounts for 60 % of Epom's whole Mobile Market.

Anton Ruin commented on the general trend and outlined the perspectives, "The rise in quantity of mobile traffic was predictable, for the number of smartphone users worldwide doesn't cease growing, mobile internet becomes even more popular and applications and mobile websites remain trendy. Respectively, Epom continues to work on new offers for mobile. Our developers are currently working on Epom Mobile Market for Apps - the new service which will uncover fundamentally new opportunities for the users of Mobile Market."

About Epom:

Founded in 2010, Epom successfully continues developing the most advanced ad serving and managing solutions for advertisers and publishers, multi-site content and ad networks.

Epom lets its clients run display, video and mobile advertisements all in one place, and so, helps to save time & resources and get more profit. Epom is a massively scalable platform able to serve any needed volume of impressions.

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