Son and Father fishing team experiences fishing tournament win most just dream of. Fish Chum Sponsor is very happy.

May 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
For many of us, we dream of those great days fishing with our father … or son. For Sam Papia, leader of team Bada Bing those dreams came through during the Key West Harbour SKA tournament. In fishing tournaments, the Southern Kingfish Association is one of the top tournaments in the country that draws boats from many hundreds of miles. Teams compete for cash prizes and more importantly …. Bragging rights.

Team Bada Bing had just received their newly outfitted boat just days before the tournament. Rigged with electronics and just a few test drives out on the water, the team pointed the trailered boat south towards Key West. During the tournament, the sea conditions were rough and the team still decided to make the run to the tail end.

With baits in the water, it took just a few minutes for the reel to start screaming with a huge fish. After a good fight, the team boated a 60 pound Wahoo. This was a very respectable fish , however there sights were set on King Mackerel. The team fished with goggle eyes for bait while scenting the water with a modified menhaden oil fish chum called chum cloud provided by sponsor Aquatic Nutrition. As they fished a little longer they were able to boat mid 30 and mid 20 pound fish. The team pushed on and the bite slowed. It was around 12.30 when the largest fish hit a bait set on the downrigger. After a great battle, the boated fish was landed and weighed in at 43.62 pounds. The team knew they were in the running for the largest fish and started heading back for the weigh in. Two hours of travel later, they made it back and as weigh in commenced; the team realized that they had accomplished what they set out to do….. Win the tournament.

When asked what the secret to success is, Sam Papia had said that fishing location, proper presentation of baits, the use of the correct chum…. and keeping baits in the water for as long as possible.

"Properly rig your baits, present them well , and chum continuously "

Son Sammy and father Steve have enjoyed a lot of time together fishing. This is something many of us look forward to. Winning a tournament is just icing on the cake.

Look for this Son and father team in the future. The should be somewhere on the winners podium at weigh in!

When sponsor aquatic Nutrition was asked how they felt about the win, VP Joe Pawlak said " We are very happy about their win. Sammy and his dad are great fishermen and they have a good team. We knew they would do well. The have attention to the needed details"

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