MotivatePT Launch 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge To Help Clients Kick-Start Healthy Weight Loss Journey

May 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
With the UK officially recognised as the third most obese nation on the planet, it seems that many Brits are piling on the pounds and threatening the health of both themselves and future generations to come. To help redress the balance, the UK's leading mobile personal training providers, MotivatePT, are today launching a unique 60-day fat loss challenge in over 30 cities cross the UK, which it hopes will see hundreds of people get inspired to change their health habits for life.

"The 60-day fat loss challenge is a structured 8 week fat burning program that is aimed at individuals of all fitness levels," says Julie Gower, Program Director at MotivatePT. "The program is delivered through our national network of certified personal trainers and incorporates specific and progressive fat-burning training with tailored nutritional plans that are both sustainable and easy-to-follow."

MotivatePT are also giving away prizes to the customer in each city who makes the most significant lifestyle change by the end of the 60-day program. "Our main focus with prizes is on helping clients to set a target and to work towards their goals," says Gower. "Clients need education on the best ways to optimise health through structured exercise, healthy nutrition and sustainable lifestyle change. The 60-day fat loss challenge presents an opportunity to work towards real changes in an exciting 8 week program that's been designed by some of the UK's leading fitness professionals and nutritionists."

Anyone can sign up for the fat loss challenge through the Company's one-to-one or group personal training sessions. One customer who is already signed up is Vanessa Mollahan from Birmingham. She comments, "I have tried many ways to lose weight over the years but have always lacked motivation and focus. I have never tried personal training before, but MotivatePT's 60-day challenge has got me really inspired and the idea of winning prizes for reaching your goals is fantastic. I have my sights set on the luxury spa weekend which would be a great reward if I win. I cannot wait to start training."

The 60-day fat loss challenge is the latest in a range of research-inspired health and wellness initiatives offered by MotivatePT. Tony Richards, Commercial Manager explains, "With the popularity of reality TV fitness shows, there has been a definite increase in customers wishing to commit to structured fat-loss programs which have a predetermined duration, a specific goal and a reward for the winner. Our own evidence has shown that in particular, customers who are inactive or new to fitness, stay far more focused and incentivised with a shorter duration program compared to using open-ended fitness plans. We have had an incredible amount of pre-launch interest with overwhelming numbers of participants registered to take up the challenge in 30 cities across the UK."

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