Put your company on the map. Buy permanent online ad space for a dollar per pixel, and half goes to charity.

November 30, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Billion Dollar Home (http://www.billiondollarhome.com/) has recently launched a web site to sell sponsorships and raise money for charity. Every pixel on the site’s home page is for sale. Unlike traditional online advertising and sponsorship models that are sold on numbers of views or clicks, the pixel ads on the Billion Dollar Home are permanently fixed on a map for a one-time cost of $1 per pixel.

“We took our inspiration from Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage,” says co-founder, Dean Lucas. “But unlike Alex’s site and the hundreds of other copycats out there, we are not concerned with lining our own pockets with cash. We are really focused on raising money for charity, and subsequently raising awareness for those who contribute towards those humanitarian efforts.”

Mr. Lucas believes that the Billion Dollar Home has a viral marketing element built into the concept. “Giving to charity is inherently viral,” he says. “People feel good when they help other people, and they like to let others know that they made a contribution. It’s like wearing the ‘I gave blood’ sticker on your shirt after giving blood.”

Billion Dollar Home’s first featured charity is the U.S. Gulf Region, which was devastated by a series of deadly hurricanes last summer. Half of all proceeds will be donated to charities focused on this disaster area, starting with the American Red Cross. The site’s featured charities will be rotated periodically to help keep the sponsors focused on specific humanitarian causes worldwide.