Window Tint Company Adds Training Videos And Film To Its Product Line

May 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston, TX May 29, 2013 - Window Tint Pro proudly announces the release of two new product lines that will help teach someone how to tint their own windows. A new list of training videos has been added to our site that details a number of window tinting techniques. Another product we recently added to our site is a Training Roll Kit that allows beginners to practice the basics of this exciting form of vehicle enhancement.

Do-it-yourself tinting kits are nothing new to the industry. Kits priced as low as $50.00 can be purchased from any number of sites online. However, without the proper training in this discipline, people can easily make mistakes that will require professional assistance to correct.

Knowing how to apply tint correctly is essential to avoiding these mistakes. Working with the proper tools ensures the job is done right the first time.

Our series of training videos is designed to cover the full spectrum of window tinting techniques. Prices are scaled from the low end to the high end to accommodate persons of varying budgets. The basics of the science are covered in videos such as "How to Tint: Intro to Tinting" and "Learn to Tint Cars", Parts 1, 2, and 3 (sold separately for $35.00 each). Individuals who are interested in investing in the full range of advanced skills can purchase a 14-DVD set "How to Tint" for $275.00, or a set that includes training rolls for $575.00.

Training rolls are necessary to practice the skills that do-it-yourselfers learn in our window-tinting videos. Sets of these rolls are available in varying percentages of visible light pass through or transmission (VLT). The sets only cost $45.00-an enormous savings compared to the thousands of dollars people would otherwise spend when learning how to tint windows.

With our new kits, individuals from every walk of life can learn to do professional quality window tinting on their own. Done correctly, this can save a vehicle owner hundreds of dollars in costs.

Window Tint Pro is a wholesale as well as a distributor of tinting products for the serious professional as well as the do it yourself-er. The company can provide all the tools and supplies needed to tin windows for the home as well as vehicles.