Database archiving using Chronos: Individually adaptable to company-specific infrastructures

June 02, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Chronos is suitable as a software solution for archiving databases for every size of company and already provides significant additional values, such as cost reduction and increase in performance as standard. Due to its candour and flexibility, larger user companies also frequently carry out individual adjustments to existing IT infrastructures, in order to fulfil the specific requirements. For this, the software manufacturer CSP GmbH & Co. KG from Grossköllnbach, offer their special services to customers.

For example, recently the linking of existing LDAP systems and individual adjustment of the server communication was carried out using Chronos. Furthermore, the optical harmonization of Chronos to the Corporate Design of the used company was also carried out. Numerous other individualization is possible on request. "In order to provide the greatest possible benefit to companies in its existing structure, Chronos can also be individually adapted as standard software. Especially for concerns, it is frequently an important factor that archiving of a database can be optimally integrated into the existing environment and, thus, for example, certain procedures can also be retained", explained Kilian Götz, Product Manager for database archiving at CSP.

Therefore, authentication of the user can be carried out on request using an existing user administration system. Here, for example, LDAP systems ("Lightweight Directory Access Protocol") can be used or also every other user administration system that is accessible with Java. Users in companies then have access to multiple systems using their respective user name and password. With individual development, there is also the option to include network-specific characteristics of a company. After appropriate adaptation, Chronos can, amongst other things, also communicate to a computer via two IP addresses. This is required if a company uses a different IP address for internal communication as for external communication.

In addition, it is frequently requested to optically adapt to the standards, which the user in the concern is already familiar with by other company solutions. Thus, for example, certain header images for notification mails are used, or company-specific colour and world images for the web interface are used. Some Chronos users also use their own applications that are already adapted to and implemented for their requirements. Here, the CSP software then serves as a data source and only provides the data from the archive. The special requirement, not archiving from a database but from a file, can also be realized as requested by individual development. Existing, archiving solutions that have been self-developed can then also be used, such as data from third party systems that do not represent a database. This is frequently an advantage for companies because these solutions have not been supported by other standard software or must be shut down.
With the standard software Chronos, companies relieve their relational databases and, thus, can sustainably reduce their costs. Furthermore, the solution is frequently applied for fulfilling the compliance. Specifications regarding retention times and inspection security are reliably fulfilled using Chronos. In addition, the software is also used for the application Retirement. Applications can be made inoperative, whilst the data remains active with Chronos to access for research. Special ease of research and comfortable access to the data is provided by the Chronos Archive Explorer interface.

CSP GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1991 and specialises in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company provides its customers with comprehensive advice and support in addition to the implementation and customisation of standard solutions. In connection with its new Chronos product range for database archiving, CSP offers companies from all industries a broad spectrum of services.

CSP has numerous international industrial reference customers. BMW Group, Audi, Daimler, Lufthansa Technik Logistik, Deutsche Telekom, MAN, General Motors, Porsche, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW and Bosch, among others, all rely on CSP solutions.