Lear Capital Launches "Free Gold Coin" Referral Program for Spreading the Word on Retirement Protection with Gold

June 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Lear Capital (www.learcapital.com) thinks that rising debt could send the markets crashing down again, and the time to buy gold is now! They have created a "Win-Win" Gold Referral Program (http://www.learcapital.com/rnsignup/) featuring Free Shipping and Free Insurance on new gold purchases along with a Free US Gold Bullion Coin for anyone that refers friends, family or associates to take advantage of the current gold run.

With the Debt Clock ticking furiously, pension funds being cut across America, scandals rocking Washington, and interest rates starting to rise seasoned investors are turning to gold. Gold has outperformed paper assets over the past decade and has been a defender of long-term purchasing power throughout history. As more and more world currencies teeter on collapse, smart investors understand the ramifications for their savings and retirement accounts. Precious metals help preserve value despite inflation, global crisis, and rising world debt; and investors everywhere are now turning to gold for critical portfolio diversification.

Lear's Gold Referral Program (http://www.learcapital.com/rnsignup/ is the perfect way to spread the word on asset protection while fortifying one's own nest egg. It allows customers and/or web visitors the opportunity to share a Free Gold Shipping and Insurance Certificate (a $70 value) with others. If a Referral takes advantage of these perks and makes a gold purchase, Lear will thank the referring party with a Free American Gold Eagle Coin. It's that simple.

Anyone can enroll in Lear's Gold Referral Program in a matter of seconds by simply providing an email address. Then, they can easily share the Free Shipping and Insurance Certificate with anyone else via Email, Text, Twitter and Facebook. Everything is tracked automatically and participants receive an email alert when someone takes advantage of the program so they can claim their coin! Participants can opt to receive 1/10 ounce of pure gold or keep referring to earn a full ounce Gold American Eagle among the world's most popular and recognizable gold bullion coins featuring a dazzling Lady Liberty!

Kevin DeMeritt, founder of Lear Capital, has been a strong advocate of the program since starting Lear Capital some 16 years ago. "We believe in the power of diversifying with gold in this economy. Gold has proven itself throughout history as a sound investment choice for both retirement and savings accounts. Referrals help us spread the word. So we feel there is no better way to thank people for sending friends and family our way than with a solid gold coin."

Lear Capital (www.learcapital.com) has been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997 helping customers diversify their portfolios with bullion, premium rare coins, and IRA eligible gold, silver, platinum or palladium. For investors looking to realign their asset allocation, maintain an aggressive hedge against global volatility, or secure tangible retirement protection, Lear Capital has a plan. The company can be reached online at: www.learcapital.com or by phone at 1-800-576-9355.