Amplify Design is Offering a New Line of "I Am" Banners

June 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
There are many different names that are attributed to God in the Bible, and the executives at Amplify Design are particularly intrigued by the name "I Am," from Exodus 3:14. To bring the wonder and inspiration of this name into churches of all shapes and sizes, Amplify Design has created a new series of I Am banners in red and blue.

There are eight banners in total, and each has been designed to highlight the name "I Am" and inspire contemplation and a spirit of worship. Customers who purchase all eight banners also enjoy an additional 15% off, and the blue and red color of the banners contrasts just enough to cause them to pop and draw attention, putting church attendees into the right frame of mind no matter where the church service is being held.

"With this name, God declares His eternal, ever present existence, and reveals that He has existed and always will, throughout all of history," a company spokesperson said. "It was a breathtaking declaration, and something that the false gods of Egypt in Moses' day could never match."

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Amplify Design
Amplify Design manufactures and sells church banners for churches or ministries of any size. The banners are particularly good for helping church planters transform any location into a temporary place of worship, and have helped many such ministries to reach hundreds of people. There are new lines of banners being released regularly, but clients can always customize banners to perfectly fit their church banner needs if they don't immediately find what they are looking for.