Marietta Air Conditioning Expert Offers Tips to Avoid AC Repair

June 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta summers can get hot and constantly running an air conditioning can overwork the unit, sending homeowners calling for AC repair. A Marietta ac service expert offers some tips to help homeowners avoid spending money on repairs.

A poor refrigerant charge is one of the most common AC problems. If the unit is still running but the home isn't getting cool, a refrigerant problem could be to blame.

"A unit low on refrigerant will have difficulty keeping a home cool," says Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. "A leak could be the culprit, or the unit didn't receive a proper charge when it was installed. One of my licensed air conditioning and heating technicians can quickly solve the problem."

Always check the power source first if a unit stops working. Check the fuse box to be sure a switch has not been flipped if the thermostat is set correctly and the unit is plugged in.

Lack of maintenance on the part of a homeowner can also lead to repair. Failure to properly change air filters, clean the system and maintain regular check-ups will limit a unit's efficiency. A licensed technician should inspect the unit each year.

"Homeowners should clean their air conditioner periodically," says Montgomery, who provides Marietta heating repair services. "A garden hose can be used to spray down the coils and an air conditioning cleaner can be sprayed on them. Be sure to follow all directions on the cleaning solution."

Locate the unit's drain outside and use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the drain of any debris that may be clogging it. Be sure the drain has a cap that covers it. This will keep debris out of it in the future. Remove twigs, grass, leaves and other debris that have entered the outside unit. Homeowners should periodically clean the outside unit to maintain maximum efficiency.

By following these simple steps, homeowners can ensure their ac units are up to the task of keeping them cool all summer long. But when repair is needed, the experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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