New Classes to Manage Los Angeles Hazardous Waste

June 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Amberwick Corp is happy to announce Health & Safety reporting and training classes that will mitigate hazardous waste in California, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, as well as manage dangerous medical waste. Amberwick is an insured and licensed hazardous waste oil recycle service and carrier. The company takes care of transportation of industrial waste for disposal, with the provision that no waste shipment actually stays on site for longer than a week to ten days.

Amberwick enjoys an excellent service record, with no reported injuries since 2004, and the highest ratings according to the Biennial Inspection of Terminals (BIT) Program, DTSC and Fire Department since December 20, 1991. Hazardous waste training is considered essential for the efficient and safe operation of all facility processes and to ensure rapid responses to emergency conditions. Thanks to state-of-the-art training, the environment and human life can be protected, with CA hazardous waste protective materials.

Mary Jones, PR director for Amberwick, explained that "each new employee is trained not only in general orientation but with job-specific training. We do not allow our employees to work without supervision without prior completion of training, which must occur within six months," said Jones.

Because of strict DOT and EPA regulations and expensive insurance requirements, few trucking companies are authorized to deal with California's hazardous and medical waste. "Amberwick is fully permitted, licensed and insured. We appreciate the dangers involved the transport of hazardous materials, not only because we're only 1.3 miles away from Long Beach Harbor, but due to our relationship with the people of California since 1989. We are proud to report that our site is about 10 feet above sea level and ground water ranges between 10 and 20 feet, so there's no opportunity for coastal flooding," said Jones.

About Amberwick
Amberwick started handling hazardous cargo in 1998. In a space that's has 24-hour security, illumination, and more than one acre of operating space. The company is chosen by clients that need hazardous materials recycled/disposed following the letter and spirit of the law. Consignments are prohibited from staying at the site for longer than ten days. Discover the difference in hazmat handling at