Window Tint Pro Adds Shatter Proof Window Film Just In Time For Hurricane Season

June 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston, TX June 10, 2013 Window Tint Pro announces the release of one of our most impressive products to date. Shatter resistant safety film is now available, just in time for hurricane season, through our online store. Only 100 microns thick, this transparent material, made from Mylar, features a high tensile strength that holds glass shards together in the event of an impact.

The film is applied to the interior of the glass and allows light to pass into the interior of the building. Windows treated with this substance are not only protected against impact, but they are also easier to wipe clean of hand prints and dust that accumulate on window interiors during the course of the day.

The most important application for this product, however, is to protect people from serious injuries. We typically do not see glass itself as a hazardous substance. Under normal circumstances, it is not. However, glass can become hazardous, and possibly even deadly, when a strong force shatters it into pieces. Government statistics report that flying shards of broken glass are the leading cause of injury during vehicle collisions and excessively high winds.

Shatter resistant safety film can significantly reduce the risk of injury during a collision or severe storm. Its high break strength of 78.5 lbs per inch reinforces the surface of the window. If a strong impact does result in breakage, the film's adhesive qualities prevent glass pieces from flying through the air or falling on the floor. This not only safeguards against storm damage, it also functions as a powerful deterrent to burglars who suddenly realize that breaking a window is not as easy as they thought.

We encourage readers to purchase shatter resistant safety film for their cars, homes, and offices. Doing so can help protect against injuries caused by flying glass. It can also slow down a burglar just long enough for security to intervene.

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