LakeHouse Lifestyle's New Website Goes Live

June 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Whitewater, WI - LakeHouse Lifestyle, LLC, the leading source for unique and expertly crafted lake house decor, 3d lake maps, signs and knick knacks, has launched a new, redesigned website for their online store. The new site features LakeHouse Lifestyle's complete product inventory, including handmade lake house signs, sweatshirts, pillows, one-of-a-kind lake house gifts and 3D lake maps.

LakeHouse Lifestyle's new website was designed and developed by NinthVector, a web developer that has been in the business since 2004. They specialize in web development, ecommerce integration and online marketing services so it's no surprise that Lakehouse Lifestyle's owners chose them to work on the new website. LakeHouse Lifestyle's new online store now makes it possible for the company to better service the needs of their many loyal, lake house loving clients by providing them with a full inventory of top quality, personalized products as well as fast and convenient online shopping services.

LakeHouse Lifestyle owner, Brian Cooney, was understandably excited in explaining the many new features of the redesigned website for his company. "With the new site, we are adding additional products, some of them produced in our own shop. The first site was very basic and offered a handful of items. After about a year, and more items a more robust site was required," said Cooney. He then added, "The old site served our purposes for several years, but as the orders grew, it became apparent that we needed a more robust database driven site to properly manage the 4000 plus lakes we offered products for in North America. In addition, we refined the customer experience to simplify ordering and personalization of signs and maps."

While shoppers to Lakehouse Lifestyle's new site will find a wide array of gifts, apparel and knick-knacks, they will also be pleased to see a stellar selection of bold, colorful canvas prints and lake art, including vintage signs that can be customized with a family name and any favorite lake house location. Their three dimensional lake maps are a huge hit with fellow 'riparians.' These maps are laser-cut to precise specifications and provide a accurate three dimensional representation of any lake chosen by a LakeHouse Lifestyle customer.

LakeHouse Lifestyle owners and staff know just how closely lakehouse owners are tied emotionally to these tranquil getaways because they too are devoted 'riparians,' (those living close to a lake or river). Cooney's family purchased a lake house in Wisconsin when he was just 14 years old. The realtor who sold the Cooney family the house told them that the average duration of ownership of a lake home was seven years. "My father replied, 'We'll be here much longer than that.' That was 24 years ago and I now own the same house," says Cooney with a just a hint of irony and obvious satisfaction.

About LakeHouse Lifestyle: LakeHouse Lifestyle has been offering hand-crafted, American-made lake gifts and lake decor since their inception in 2008. As riparians themselves for over 30 years, the owners of LakeHouse Lifestyle understand the love that lake house owners have for these retreats so their intent is to always strive to provide their guests with products that are not only fun and practical, but that will evoke memories of lazy summer days spent lakeside. As they always say, 'Life is better at the lake.'

For more information on LakeHouse Lifestyle visit their website or call 1-888-620-LAKE.