SolExport Launches Line of Fresh-Frozen Spanish Tapas in New York Specialty Marketplace

June 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
SolExport, a producer developing consumer packaged Spanish tapas, has recently launched a new product line, Tássol. The first product launched under the Tássol brand is Tortilla Española, a Spanish omelet made of egg, potato, onion, olive oil and a special spice blend. The Tortilla Española is a staple of Spanish gastronomy and is traditionally eaten at all meal times.

"While there are no shortages of tapas restaurants in New York City, we noticed that consumers aren't left with many options if they desire to enjoy top quality Spanish food at home," states Ana Serrano, founder of SolExport. Tássol addresses that need and is positioning itself in the marketplace through its brand promise of authenticity, quality and value. Under the Tássol brand, SolExport is currently developing additional tapas products, including variations of their traditional Tortilla Española to further appeal to an American palate.

The Tássol brand Tortilla Española is semi-cooked then immediately frozen post production allowing consumers to complete the cooking process at home, resulting in a fresh, homemade taste.
The Tássol brand Tortilla Española is all-natural, preservative free and kosher. The Tortilla Española is packaged in 13oz trays and is produced locally in Long Island City, NY.

The Tássol brand Tortilla Española can be found in the frozen section of New York City specialty grocers, Westside Market, Brooklyn Fare, Amish Market, Westerly Natural Market & Food Cellar.

Wholesale distribution for SolExport Tássol brand Tortilla Española originates in Long Island City, NY and is available for wholesale order throughout the United States. For more information about Tássol brand Tortilla Española, visit

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