Dads' Confidence Drops as Father's Day Nears

June 15, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Despite dads' worries, almost half of those questioned (48.4%) agreed that spending time with family came top of their list of what makes them feel good. With Sunday 16th June being all about spoiling dads and making them feel special, it seems that doing so this year is more important than ever as their confidence levels are enormously on the wane.

The least confident of the British dads are in Nottingham, with a mammoth 47.8% stating they have low confidence levels and worry that this may impact on quality time spent with their children. Following closely behind is Glasgow, with 42.8% drawing attention to their insecurity, and anxious London (29.7%) in third place.

The survey, by Transform Cosmetic Surgery, found that the situation that terrifies dads is going for job interviews (37.2%), followed by visits to the local swimming pool (19.1%) and surprisingly, going to the gym to work out (16.1%). For single dads, dating topped the list with 28.5% feeling petrified of putting themselves out there to meet a new partner.

10.2% of dads cited being at kids parties as a situation they do not feel confident in as the rise of peer pressure to be 'Super-Dad' is rife amongst the men.

A microscopic 3.3% of dads stated that they always feel confident, revealing that they are suffering a serious confidence crisis and they need some TLC to give them a boost this Father's Day.

The research was undertaken as part of Transform's Feel Good Campaign an initiative aiming to empower the nation and encourage Brits to feel good about themselves. Transform is encouraging people to become their own champions and to feel good in everyday life, whether it be trying out a new activity, feeling confident at the school gates, or just clapping themselves on the back for being awesome.

Commenting on the findings and the Feel Good campaign, Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group says: "The research has shed real light on how British dads are feeling in every day life and what affects confidence on a daily basis. It's shocking that so many dads feel that they have little confidence to pass on to their children and that so many situations put them under pressure.

"Our whole campaign is centred around empowering the nation to feel good about themselves and celebrate their own achievements, however small. We want to highlight these findings to help the dads of Britain feel confident in their own skin and not let the peer pressure from other dads take over their lives.

"The research is only the beginning of our Feel Good Campaign and there is more activity coming up over summer, so stay tuned for more Feel Good activities."

Activities dads do not feel confident in:
  • Job interviews 37.2%
  • Clothes shopping 19.2%
  • At the swimming pool 19.1%
  • Looking in the mirror 16.1%
  • At the gym 16.1%
  • Dealing with banks utility companies 13.5%
  • Being around younger people 13.4%
  • At family gatherings 12.8%
  • On public transport 12.4%
  • At the pub 12.2%
  • ON the beach 11.5%
  • At kids parties 10.2%
  • School gates 3.7%

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