General Digital Software Services Releases Informational Video On Aviation Software Testing

June 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
General Digital Software Services has recently released a new informational video on YouTube chronicling the history of flight and spotlighting their contributions to safety-critical software in the aviation industry.

The video from General Digital Software Services is their first promotional clip available on the YouTube Channel of General Digital Corporation. In the clip, General Digital Software Services chronicles human interest in flight from the dawn of time to today's modern technologies. With the increased demand placed on mission-critical software in aviation technology, General Digital Software Services has played an vital role in independently verifying and validating the software systems that ensure the safety of all those who fly the friendly skies.

"We are excited to be releasing this video informing the public on a few of the advancements in aviation technology throughout history," said Rafael Blanco, Software Manager at General Digital Software Services. "Our company is proud to have had the honor of testing and validating much of the critical softwares that helps ensure a safe arrival, every time." Mr. Blanco adds, "We're also excited to provide our services to other technology fields that use safety-critical software, such as the medical device industry."

The video can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of General Digital Corporation: Those interested in watching the video and learning more about General Digital Software Services should visit their web site at

About General Digital Software Services:
For over 25 years, General Digital Software Services has provided software quality assurance for safety critical systems. We specialize in testing avionics software to DO-178 standards, including requirements development, coding, code review, independent verification and validation (IV&V), and integration testing. With nearly 300,000 man-hours of testing in the past 10 years alone, we have extensive experience with C, C++, ADA and assembly language for numerous target processors. We provide functional (black box) and structural (white box) testing to any criticality level. Our group has earned an excellent reputation for meeting customers' demands with accurate, prompt and reliable software quality service.

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About General Digital Corporation:
Forty years after its inception, General Digital continues to deliver ruggedized, specialized and customized flat panel monitors, optical display enhancements and safety-critical software solutions, all designed to last many years, while offering the greatest flexibility necessary to keep pace in today's rapidly changing market. The company continues to serve numerous industries with advanced design and engineering capabilities, and world-class customer service.

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