SlimSurveys Introduces the Quickest Surveys You've Ever Seen.

June 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Businesses need to run surveys to solicit feedback, but the problem is that people simply don't have time to take long and time consuming surveys. SlimSurveys has found a solution to this problem with a survey experience that will only last 30 seconds.

They have limited the survey to only 7 questions in length and optimized it with simple tap responses where users only see 1 question at a time, so users can run through the survey quickly. Think of it as the Twitter of surveys as these surveys are "Slim" and lightweight.

Cofounded by 3 of the original cofounders of TweetPhoto, these guys have some deep experience in spotting trends and building platforms that allow people to express quickly from mobile devices. "The current offering of survey tools on the market has not changed much in a decade. Most surveys today look just like they did a decade ago. Antiquated, ugly, radio buttons everywhere, complex matrixes and lots of questions. This is a time drain for consumers. It was time for the survey to be reimagined and reinvented and this is what we have done with a focus on the consumer experience with our product." said Rodney Rumford, Chief Product Officer and cofounder.

These surveys are easily embedded and also allows you to put a survey tab on any website so users can quickly take the survey from anywhere on a website. The really compelling thing about this product is the ability to quickly take a survey on any mobile device while users have 30 free seconds.

Getting people to complete surveys has always been a challenge for marketers. They have decided to focus on dramatically transforming the consumer experience of taking surveys into a pleasant experience. No one has done that effectively to date. Most marketers don't know the best way to do this. They make it easy for them.

They are taking on and disrupting a market that consists of the likes of Survey Monkey who is the 800 lb. gorilla in this space. "Philosophically we are the anti-Survey Monkey. They give you all these tools and let you build a really terrible experience for your survey takers. We have optimized and streamlined the experience so that the user will always have a great time efficient experience no matter who builds the survey." said Sean Callahan, cofounder.

One of the other compelling features is that survey questions can have images, which makes sense since the founders come from a photo sharing business that they grew to over 30 million users. You can see an example of how visual their surveys can be here.

Marketers need better uptake on survey participation and higher completion rates. It is about time someone built a tool that makes it easy for taking quick surveys and they just might be onto something with their consumer focused time saving approach that addresses the problems that business and marketers face.