MANAGEtoWIN Launches "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo Campaign to Revolutionize Leadership

June 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
David Russell, author, "Leadership Guy" and CEO and founder of MANAGEtoWIN, announces the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign launch. Designed to rescue employees from bad bosses everywhere, Russell hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the global bad boss epidemic and fund his team's cure to transform bad bosses into great leaders.

Unlike most Indiegogo campaigns, the "No Bad Bosses" campaign is not asking for funding for a prototype, but rather rewards supporters with proven services that improve their business or career. MANAGEtoWIN's LEADERSHIP Essentials system has been refined over the past 11 years, and has been used by clients since 2006. Clients have been successfully using MANAGEtoWIN software since 2008.

"We challenge you to stop accepting bad bosses everywhere, including yourself," explains MANAGEtoWIN CEO and founder David Russell. "Almost everyone can be a better leader. The more people use our solutions, the more powerful we can make them to help you achieve your dreams. Support our efforts to rescue employees from bad bosses and encourage leaders who have been procrastinating about improving their leadership systems to finally take action."

Offers for the Indiegogo campaign include the option to purchase a one-time perpetual MANAGEtoWIN license, a seven-day Maui, Hawaii LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy trip, "No Bad Bosses" buttons and t-shirts, leadership books and software packages, and specialized training and highly-intensive one-on-one help from David Russell himself. To learn more, or to support the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign, visit

"If you haven't already done so, talk to these folks. The LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy, software, methodology and approach are second to none. Truly, David Russell and his team are not to be missed if you're looking to improve your business, processes, culture and your bottom line," says Jim Umenhofer, CEO of Matson & Isom Technology.

About MANAGEtoWIN and David Russell
Founded by "Leadership Guy" David Russell, MANAGEtoWIN software and LEADERSHIP Essentials Service and Academy offer tools and training to allow leaders to manage their people and priorities more effectively, turning bad bosses into great leaders. Referring to itself as a movement rather than a product, MANAGEtoWIN has been used by clients to improve their companies since 2008, and LEADERSHIP Essentials has been used since 2006. David Russell has been hired as a leadership expert by Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, SYNNEX and ConnectWise. He is the author five books including "The Company Culture Challenge" and "Success with People," his original twelve-step program for leaders addicted to poor management skills.

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